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Sunday, April 26, 2015

EONS, quality and quickly for a long life, and a long time

     Do you love authentic Greek food?  Do you love Chipotle? How about a Chipotle style eatery but with Greek food!?  Well, TA-DA!  You got it.

     When I first heard of EONS and the concept, I was intrigued to say the least. When I arrived I was NOT disappointed. Bright white and blue, clean and inviting. Walking in I was greeted immediately with very friendly people who were excited about the food they were preparing. Everything looked and smelled fantastic right from the start. The meats are cooked over the grill right in front of you. Oh, and by the way, they are all organic, grass fed, free range type foods. Even the salmon is organic, and the octopus is right from Portugal, how about that!? I gotta say, you can certainly tell. I was at a loss as to what to try, but then I ran into George, the owner.
He suggested I try everything!.. in small portions obviously. He is clearly fully immersed in his new business. He has taken his entire career in restaurants as a chef, his love for foodies, a brilliant business model, and even his family and made what I would consider the next big thing in high quality food quickly. What George refers to as Q2. Quick Quality.

     OK, back to the food. Imagine Greek fare, say a gyro, but now its pure beef, chicken  or pork right from the grill onto your custom, built to order, pita. You can walk right along and they put whatever you ask into it. The pita is 9” as opposed to the normal 7” too, so you get a good deal. If you prefer, you can get a bowl with all the same Mediterranean goodness piled into it. Let’s dig in to more about the vittles later. 

     I would be remiss to miss the opportunity to demonstrate exactly how attentive George is to ‘green’. Even the utensils are BPA free and the containers are completely bio-degradable. The kitchen is all bright and shiny as if Mr. Clean was doing a commercial there. It’s kinda like you are going to George’s house and his wife hasn't seen you in years, so they spend two days getting their house ready. Even the name has a special history. EON is from the Greek aion which means an immeasurably long period of time. The spiral he uses for the ‘O’ symbolizes eternity in the Greek culture. So EONS is all about natural goodness to help you live a long time. 

     OK, back to the food. As we talked about, the beef is grass fed organic, the chicken is Bell and Evans, Salmon is organically farmed so you know you are eating well. The sha-BAMM comes with the home made extras! This is where we get to eat at George’s house.  Let’s start with the roasted red pepper feta for pita dipping. This was new for me, now it will be a staple! It was accompanied by the lentil dip, a classic with EONS flare, very mild and delicate with a nice accent that stays a little while to remind you of how delicious it really was. Of course we need tzadziki to make it authentic. George makes it himself so it’s fresh and has a special personality. Each of the proteins is marinated in a custom base with herbs designated for each kind. There is so much more, so you need to visit. You can see the menu on the website. You can get a delivery or pick up too. It is actually a great option for high quality dinner without the price tag or the wait. 

     Here’s a really cool thing!  They have Boylan soda, in bottle and on tap. All natural flavors, cane sugar, no preservatives, and super delicious. It gives me an excuse to have soda.  At the end of the day, EONS is a flavorful, healthy quick solution to everyday eating. You just can’t go wrong.

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